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Order simple and varied lunches easily with Foodiz, your digital company canteen.

Healthy bowl from the Guru restaurant of FoodizHealthy Bowl from the restaurant Guru of FoodizChicken salad from the restaurant Salad Club

The Foodiz digital canteen... How does it work? 

Nothing could be easier. During a meeting, we will create your company's personalised digital canteen together. Then you simply invite your employees to create their account so that they can go to the Foodiz ordering platform - available on desktop or mobile application - to select a lunch from our wide range of simple and balanced meals. Every day, we deliver your order to your workplace or home for lunch.

Foodiz is the easy, fast and ecological solution for your company's catering.

Every day, Foodiz offers you healthy and varied food from responsible and local agriculture.
All of this is to ensure that your colleagues have a really good time over a delicious meal!

Screen of the Foodiz Application, with showing "App Foodiz", "Choose a lunch", "Quick delivery".

The four main values of Foodiz


With just a few clicks, you can have balanced and varied lunches delivered to your workplace or home every day.

Culinary diversity

Foodiz presents a wide variety of simple and gourmet lunches through different culinary worlds.


Foodiz is shaking up corporate catering by offering a more sustainable alternative! From the choice of our ingredients to our delivery system.


We offer daily home-made meals with quality and local products.

Our culinary worlds

Eating the same thing every day? We say NO!
Discover our various culinary worlds.
Foodiz quickly delivers simple and tasty lunches prepared with fresh, healthy and varied products.

Our kitchen

Our commitments

Our approach is above all responsible, social and sustainable. Every day, we strive to serve you a variety of quality meals, both from a gustatory and ecological point of view. 

  • We work with respect for our partners and local producers.
  • We only use recyclable or reusable packaging and have completely eliminated single-use packaging.
  • To prepare simple, healthy and varied meals, we use only fresh quality products.


Els Vanderbeken

Your application is very partial and your dishes are diverse. That's why we work with Foodiz for our 80 employees

Els Lagasse
Van Bael & Bellis

Our lawyers are happy to order from Foodiz because they guarantee quality food and a timely delivery service. They offer a fairly varied and elaborate range of dishes that compete with any other online delivery service (such as UberEats or Deliveroo)

Malala Razafindratsimba

What a great app with timely delivery. Our teams are delighted to have lunch with Foodiz every day. The value for money is impeccable.

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Discover our different culinary worlds. Foodiz quickly delivers simple and tasty lunches prepared with fresh, healthy and varied products.

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